Practice areas


During our first meeting we examine the extent and the nature of the injury sustained or likely to be sustained in the future. We discuss the liability aspects of this injury: whether or not the liability has been accepted by the causer, if not which of the parties must be hold responsible in your specific situation etc. We can hold the causer liable for the injury-causing act through an official letter. We get in contact with the insurance companies and profile ourselves as an intermediary in the settlement of the injury case. If this proves impossible, than we can assist you legally during a procedure before the Court.

If the settlement of the injury case requires longer time than foreseen, than we can arrange the grant of an advance payment by the counter party as an advance compensation of the damages sustained by you.

Since we work as a team with our own medical consultants, you will have the opportunity of getting a reliable second opinion with regard to your medical situation and thus you would not need to feel restricted to that one report issued by the consultants of the insurance companies.